Welcome to HealthSTATS Australia, a division of HealthSTATS International headquartered in Singapore.

As innovators in the bio-monitoring medical device field, our product suite is at the forefront of evidence-based patient assessment, monitoring and management of hypertension and related illnesses solutions.

Comfort, non-intrusiveness and real-time data integration are conventions which underpin our product development. By incorporating the latest technologies with cloud-based solutions, clinical practitioners and their organisations are able to establish themselves as better enablers in patient care management.

Our primary objective is to be global frontrunners within the medical technology industry in providing life enhancing solutions. Our guiding principles are to provide the medical community with evidence-based approaches to:

  • Predicting & Diagnosing
  • Customised Treatments
  • Monitoring and Informing of patients of their clinical outcomes with evidence-based
           medicine for hypertension and related illnesses
  • The effective management of hypertension leading to better standards of patient care

This end-to-end approach has won the company two prestigious awards in 2007, namely:

  • World Economic Technology Forum Technology Pioneer Award for Healthcare
  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Monitoring Technology of the Year

EVBP™ refers to Evidence-based Blood Pressure which is expected to significantly revolutionise the way blood pressure monitored, treated and managed globally. It is the EVBP™ platform in which HealthSTATS medical devices are developed and manufactured. 

24-hr ABPM and Pulse Wave technologies are both considered revolutionary in the measurement and diagnosis of hypertension. BPro™ is designed as a wearable device with inbuilt innovative technology. It offers a portable and non-intrusive solution to continuously monitor blood pressure and the reduced risks of a sudden heart attack or stroke.  


For more information about any of our devices, services, demonstration, trials or an assessment of your clinical needs, please fill out the submission form.

Alternatively, please contact:

Marcus Chua
Phone: +61 401 759 555

Email: marcuschua@healthstats.com